I had a problem with one of my current projects where I was supposed to have an image enclosed in a div with fixed dimensions.

<div id="resize-div">
<img src="someimage.jpg", :id="resize-div">

For the dimensions of the div, you can set it inline or use css file:

#resize-div {

Now since not all images will fit this aspect ratio you’ll encounter problems easily enough. With images smaller than the div, I had little problem letting the css to handle it so it’s situated perfectly center in the div. I didn’t include it here to shorten the codes i need to display :).

Judging from the code shown above, you’ll not that if you have larger images that exceeded the div’s set height and width (especially those width different aspect ratios), a pure css solution simply won’t work (or at least I couldn’t make it work…. :/) so I thought of using JQuery to work it out for me.

Here’s my script to autofit images in a div using JQuery.

	var divElem = $("#resize-div");
	var maxht = divElem.height();
	var maxwdt = divElem.width();
	var imgElem = $("#resize-image");
	var ht = imgElem.height();
	var wdt = imgElem.width();
	if (ht < wdt){
		if (wdt > maxwdt)
			$("#resize-image").css({'height' : "auto", 'width' : maxwdt});
			$("#resize-image").css({'height' : "auto", 'width' : wdt});
	else if (ht > wdt){
		if (ht > maxht)
			$("#resize-image").css({'height' : maxht, 'width' : "auto"});
			$("#resize-image").css({'height' : ht, 'width' : "auto"});