Because of several stability issues with my current VPS provider (not for this site), I decided to move forward and transfer to a new host.

By reputation, it was a choice between Servint, WiredTree and KnownHost. I chose WiredTree out of curiosity and I was pleased to find out that their sign up process was a breeze. I did have to wait for several hours for the phone-call to verify my order since I had placed it outside of their office hours but overall it’s been smooth sailing so far.

I’m mildly surprised by the server’s speed. It’s much more snappier than the old Core 2 server that I was hosted on. To top it off, Wired Tree also offers free DNS hosting, a feature that had me sticking to my old host. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for the DNS to propagate and check things out.

I’ll open a ticket to support just to be sure that I did everything right.