I lost all hope of waiting for the host of my dev box to get things in line and bring back my development VPS from it’s infinite downtime so I said “screw it” and moved this blog back under my “blog” server at WiredTree and got myself a new VPS from Linode.


From the get go, I LOOOOOOOVE Linode. Awesome ticket response time, awesome server spec for your money and best of all, I got a VPS in Tokyo (response time yay). Checkout their plans here [Protip: that’s my referral link].

You can checkout the only project (for now at least) I have on my Linode VPS (Project Alter.. check it out here). Once I get things running smoothly (posting updates, not rolling out new code since that’s been optimized thanks to Capistrano), I’ll upload more projects onto it.

I am a bit miffed that they only support credit card payments as I have to manually deposit money onto my EON card to pay for it instead of simply getting paypal subscription to do it for me but hey, for the money I’m paying and the service I’m getting, it’s worth it. Yes, I could simply allow my EON card to draw funds from my Paypal account but I don’t like the extra charges.

In any case, I’m happy to get things back online. Now I need to go back to work on Project Alter 🙂